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Blind Rivets

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The Blind Rivets' Anatomy

Blind Rivets also known as “Pop Rivets” are commonly used for simple applications such as to attach metal sheets or thin materials together effectively.

Size requirements

All sizes for all your needs!


RFFC-R 14 x 90


RFFC-R 14 x 100


RFFC-R 14 x 110


RFFC-R 14 x 120

* Sizes and applications may change according to user requirements.


Quality needs no convincing!


Aluminum/Steel/Stainless Steel

Rivet Types

Open End /Sealed/Multi-grip/TRI-LUK

Head Types

Dome/CSK/Large/Large Flange


Solving Various Possibilities!

1. Structures

2. Ship Body

3. Bridge

4. Tanks

5. Shells

Seeing is believing

Real Strength comes from Real Quality


Is a Blind rivet stronger than a screw?

For simple workshop applications, A Blind Rivet is commonly used than a screw, since screws have superior threading strength.

What is the difference between a Blind rivet and a rivet?

Blind rivets are usually used in blind settings and have a different material application compared to normal rivets.

Is a Blind rivet permanent?

Yes, it can affix two thin materials together!

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