We, ASONS ENTERPRISE – Chennai, are India’s largest and importers of all types of fasteners.

Zinc Fasteners in the Indian market are considered to be low quality products, BUT that’s not we are ASONS ENTERPRISE perceive it. We have always been out of the box thinkers and have always wanted to serve the Indian market with the best in the quality.

We have introduced our own brand “Real Fasteners” and under it we have a wide range of product to suit your needs.

Experience the REAL quality in Fasteners

Backed with a lot of R&D, Real fasteners brings a wide range of quality products to suit your needs.

  • Steel Application
  • Board Application
  • Wood Application
  • Timber Application
  • Concrete/Masonry Application

Real Fasteners are easily available at your doorstep through our strong and  well spread distribution network, backed up with excellent after sales service.

Color options